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A good man and a crooked man

I found this from soc.culture.malaysia

A good man and a crooked man

A good man while it is great to be gifted, virtuous to be honest and
honourable to be caring.

A person with these 3 qualities will never do well in this life comparatively.
He maybe happy with the little he has and live well. The lightness of being.

However he will end being society reject, doing his own little things to past each day.

A public successful person is hardly gifted, with conditional honesty and
public sees him as caring.

A successful person is shut off from a good man. The successful crook knows
the crook and never believe in any man that good.

Choose your life carefully.

—————And my 2 cents worth ————————————

  The flow of life is only easy and unencumbered when success and failure has no meaning. Society seldom can accept such a person and by the very nature of the person he can never be rejected.