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Vajra Recitation

Gyatrul Rinpoche in "Natural Liberation" had given permission for this powerful spiritual technique to be practised by "anyone having the good fortune of coming into contact with it and practising it."   It is simple but has great purification value…all diseases ultimately
came from impurities of current life or previous life. Because it is so
simple he realised that very few people will believe in it and said that
only "persons of good fortune" will know about it and benefit from it.

   a. Sit comfortably as before and take a few deep breath.

   b. Close your eyes and visualise a hollow body.

   c. Breath in normally and visualise a white or golden light going

down the backbone starting from the 3rd. eye, until the

manipura. During the in-breadth, intone mentally OM all the way.

   d. When all the breath is in, intone AH and visualise A at the

manipura. Those who has a deity can visualise the deities seed syllable

and for those without  A will do.

   e. When the body is ready to breath out intone HUNG and visualise the

white light exiting the third eye again.

   Repeat as long as possible.  Initially there is a strong tendency to
"CONTROL" the breathing. Don’t fight it. Just try to follow the

breathing with the OM-AH-HUNG intonation. Sign of success is when you
can actually follow your breath with OM, then AH and then HUNG WITHOUT
interfering with the normal breathing … when you could do this
naturally you would have purified a lot of problems and you would have
progressed greatly on the spiritual path.

    Why is the breath so important on the spiritual path ?  We were told by almost every spiritual tradition that we are basically made up of 4 different entities. The physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.  Some went further to even suggest that spiritual encompasses everything. We can not be spiritual without taking care of our physical. Such a view certainly has merit but it will not help us understand the mind-body complex.

     I would like to think of the mind-body complex as consisting of the physical, mental, emotional and the spirit.  The spirit here refers to that which survives the physical death. As this spirit together with its attendant mental and emotional aspects are always changing there really isn’t a permanent non-changing spirit. This "spirit" is so closely identified with the physical body that it "doesn’t know" or is aware of any other existence. When the physical body dies great fear arose in the mind-spirit complex and it very quickly seek out another body….that very thought itself send us tumbling towards the new physical body…whatever form it takes. We are again reborned in samsara. If we have very good control of our emotions we can even create our own mental body. This mental body is often short-lived. One week at the most. We can do this for 7 times at the most. This is where we have the 7×7 or 49 days duration of performing certain rituals to help the "spirit" gain rebirth.

     Our mental, emotional and spirit bodies are connected to the physical body through our breath. Meditative practices slowly but surely and often imperceptibly help us to break away our identification with the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

    All our thoughts and emotions follow our breath and it is well known in yoga that if you can control your breath you control your emotions and mind. Psychosomatic illnesses links our physical health with our mind. So by being able to divorce our spirit body from our breath we can start to pull away from our false identification with both our physical, mental and emotional complex. This drawing away from our false ego identification is the sum total of all the spiritual paths.  When we can relax and not identify with the breath of life we stop identifying with our ego and having arrive at such a state we have achieved what the buddhist term as "letting go".  This letting go is actually the grand letting go and not the mentally determined and forcefully willed letting go that so many buddhists talk about without any real understanding of what it really entails. Such letting go has the quality of acceptance about it.

Vajra recitation from the tantric tradition can help us purify our mind-body complex. As it starts to be purified we start to relax. 

This is a very powerful practice and if done regularly over a period of a few years it can propel us forward along our spiritual path. The result and signs of progress is the same as that of insight meditation based on satipathana sutta.  As we start to "break free" from our breath, insights will start to emerge.

May all be well and happy.


OM meditation

OM meditation for healing – this was taught to me by my Reiki Teacher

in India

a. sit comfortably, close your eyes and relax.

b. Breath in and visualise a while light going down your spine until the

manipura (behind dantian on the spine – dantian is 4 finger width below

the navel in front).

c. Hold the breath until slightly uncomfortable – don’t over do the

holding of breath.

d. Slowly , as slowly as possible, release the breath and at the same

time intone OM and visualise the white light filling the whole body from

the manipura.

     — Intonation can be mental or oral. Sounding it out is actually

breathing out. Draw out the duration of breathing out —.

     This is a very good physical, mental/emotional and spiritual practice.


*** When my sister was facing the prospect of cancer again after they discovered in an X-ray of her hip bone some artifacts. I prayed to Medicine Buddhafor  something I could help her with. I was in India then. The above meditation came to me when I was meditating. Thoughts just came one after another.  Three weeks later when I signed up for the Reiki course in chennai I could not believe that that meditation was taught by my teacher as well.  I believe from the bottom of my heart that this meditation has great healing potential especially diseases that arose from the heart and mind….which is about 80% of all our disease states. ****