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Concentration and Insight meditation – fruits and path : A mindless exposition

Concentration and Insight meditation – fruits and path : A mindless exposition

In this article we will have a look at how each of the two main meditative techniques taught by Buddha defer and what kind of fruits that one can hope to gain from the practice.

The path of jhana or concentration is one where we focus the mind into a point or an object. As we bring our mind into a particular point more and more energy would flow into that point. The point chosen could be a physical point in the body or it could be a mental abstraction. In either case such concentration will activate a particular energy center in the body. For example if we focus our concentration on the third eye center (ajna chakra) then energy will start to flow into that center. As our concentration becomes more subtle a tremendous amount of energy will start to be focused into a smaller area. At one stage tightness or pulsation at the point will be felt. On the other hand if the object of our meditation is kindness and we continue to stir up kind thoughts for others then the energy center that is activated would be the heart center (Anahata chakra). If we are using kasina as an object of meditation such as earth colour then the muladhara chakra would be stimulated. When one is able to bring the concentration to a critical level an "explosion" or expansion of the consciousness will take place. It is like entering into a totally different dimension or alien environment and the bliss and peace accompanying such an experience is literally out of this world.  The accompanying bliss may in fact be an impediment to the development of insights and clarity.  The peaceful mind state is temporary and our subtle delusions will come to the fore and may be accentuated. When we are in such a state we can never be able to "see" these subtle delusions.

On the path of vipassana or insight the yogi tries to release from its mind the attachments on all the sense objects, concepts, feelings and emotions. In so doing the mind starts to expand outwards. The reason the mind can begin to expand and become aware of more and more things is our increased capacity to disengage from sense objects, feelings, concepts and emotions.  As the mind disengages from these mental objects it interpret less and less and it remembers even less. This is unlike a distracted mind which darts from one mental object to another and in the end is unble to register what was interpreted.

The sense objects and the thoughts that arose in our mind came from our karma and the prevailing condition but our mind now had the capacity to observe all that is going on in the mind without stoking the fire of the mind.  What I have said may seem alien and I will illustrate this by way of an example which can form the basis of an actual practice….perhaps in another article or in another lifetime 8-).



Oppression of unkind kindness


de Montesquieu;

There is no crueller tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.



"The truth is a shattered mirror strewn in myriad bits, and each believes his little bit the whole to own…"

  From the Kasidah of Haji Abu el Yezdi…