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Tao of Being – Undoing Answers

Being unborn, it does not die. Without shape it does not pass away. Have a beginning and an end arises. Give an idea from and therein lies its undoing.

Do not bind thinking with form or understanding with self. Do not bind self with thoughts. Do not confine questions with answers. By staying behind, remain ahead. In  uncertainty, be secure. Without self, be realised.

Here is the dilemma. All doing is undoing. Every thought is incomplete, every truth untrue. Speak it and it is wrong. Silence is not enough. The name is not the thing. The thought is not the understanding.

Teaching eases the burden of ignorance with the illusion of understanding. The blind students follow the blind teacher, listening to the wisdom of the cane’s tapping.

By undoing answers, undo questions. When there are no longer answers, the teacher can be honest with those who follow.


We die so that we could live. All that arises will fall. That which fell will arise. The cycle of life and death follow each other throughout eternity. 

Life and death linked in a dance of the cosmo.

Water nourishes wood and yet it destroys fire. Wood nourishes fire and yet destroy earth. Fire give birth to earth and yet destroys metal. Earth supports metal and yet consume water.

Every giving is taking. Give support to a child to prevent him from falling and we take away his ability to walk.  Give money to a beggar and we take away his dignity. 

Teach a child and he will never learn. 

When a teacher has no answers the student will find the Way. 

A teacher with all the answers will have students who will always be lost.

Give without giving and nothing will be given and nothing will be taken and all will be well.


Tao of Being – Woman Wisdom

The mystery in the valley is subtle, endless. It is the Way of the Great Mother.

Learning is entering the valley gateway and being overcome by the mystery of everything. The gateway can be shown but the path must be found alone.

Seek until overcome by the woman wisdom of everything. It holds and nourishes. Trust it. It will not fail.

Learning is seeking and being overcome. Wisdom is yielding and being found. No one can explain how being found happens.



The Way has great intelligence and yet has no intelligent being. 

There is deep learning and yet nothing is learned.  That which is learned is not of great intelligence. Great intelligence flows on deep forgetting.  The valley of forgetfullnes is the gateway and the Great Mother will show the way.

The Great Mother is also a Great destroyer. Like a female praying mantis that consumes her mate on creation – the mystery pervades all creation and destruction.

“Seek and it will be found”  only when one surrenders. That’s the mystery of the Great Mother.


Tao of Being – Deep Think

The forces of the universe are ruthless. They treat everything impartially. The sage is ruthless, treating everyone impartially.


Wanting and dreaming obscures the way things are. Decide to struggle against the universe or decide to move with it.


Between everything is a space that changes shape but not form. It is an emptiness that charges everything with an inexhaustable breathing. The more it breathes, the more things happen.


Try to explain it and just becomes more confusing. But beyond words, deep within, something understands the breathing emptiness.

As effortlessly as deep breathing… deep think.


  The universe is neither ruthless nor not-ruthless. It is amoral. A sage do not distinguish between what is good and what is bad. What is good now can become bad very quickly. What is bad can be the condition and environment for good to emerge. A sage makes no judgement nor wish for an outcome.  A sage is like a cloud – moving through life without leaving a trace.

    Emptiness imbued all of life and nature. The motivating force of life emerged according to need. The more the qi, the life force, flows the more life there is.  All will return to naught and insights emerge.




Tao Of Being – Ever Present

The Tao has always been, so no one can say when it began. It is ever hidden because it is ever present. Who can say it is not present when it cannot be lost ?

It untangles the tangled, raises the low, lowers the high. Those who are brilliant are humbled by what they do not know and those who are dull are proud of what they do know ; so the full are emptied and the empty are filled.

The Tao is emptiness that is used but never consumed. It is ever present but no one knows how to use it. Same or different, together or alone, the same Tao is here for everyone.

What then is the difference between one person and another if neither uses the Tao ? The learner struggles to learn; the teacher struggles to teach. What is the difference between teacher and learner when both struggle between birth and death trying to find the Way ? Doesn’t anyone see that everyone struggles together with the same common seeking ?

Teach and learn, learn and teach. No one is full and no one is empty. As teacher , teach as if emptying; as learner, learn as if filling. Fill and empty at the same time, always mindful of the complexity and simplicity of it all.


Tao is beyond time and space.  It’s presence is never known or appreciated. Just as fish discover water last once Tao can never be discovered. Once discovered we disappear and only Tao remain.

A cup is useful because of its space. A filled cup is empty of space and an empty cup is full of space. Tao is ever present. A cup that is half-filled is neither full nor empty. A half-empty cup is neither negative nor positive.

A teacher can never really teach, he can only make space for learning. A learner can only learn when there is unlearning. The highest form of learning is forgetting. 

When there is no struggle we are on the Way.




Homoeopathy and Allopathy compared

Homoeopathic medicine is a wholistic approach to cure. Allopathic medicine is a specific approach to palliation. Cure at the causative level is never factored into the equation. Allopathic model of healing, if there is one, is based on the understanding of the physical and the biochemical. Biophysics which in recent years had shed quite a bit of light into how our body function and the progression of diseases in the body.

In homoeopathy if you have diarrhoea, the physician will go through tens, if not hundreds of other symptoms before recommending a remedy. An allopath will use an antipathic remedy i.e. one that will cause constipation.

Current understanding of drug profile on the body is that there is always a biphasic respond i.e. a cure of diarrhoea will cause constipation a little later on.

The narrow-minded way in which science look at the world leaves us blind to everything else. The double-blind requirement, the so-called gold standard of reliability is truly double blinding all those who revered it to other more profound and critical mechanism that life operates within. The concepts and prejudices in our head limits, defined and blind….we then go out and look for evidence of our narrow view of the world. Invariably we will find it. Life operates in a way that is far deeper and wider than any concept ; science or mathematics could ever hope to put together.

The search for remedy in homoeopathy is a refined art and as such the scientific model that is used study this healing art is inadequate. Until and unless a comprehensive model is built up to handle the wholistic nature of homoeopathy, the reductionistic approach will always be able to find a hole here and a hole there. But the hole that is seen came from an impaired vision.

Thus empirical data to affirm its efficacy takes on a more important role until we can have a better understanding of this phenomenon. In this regard the following historical event would prove instructive.

Consider the outbreak in london in 1831. Homoepaths achieved a motality rate of less than 4% while conventional medicine was 59%. In 1854 the homoeopathic hospital death rate was 16.4 % while the conventional medicine was 50% averaged out for other hospitals. Of course they did not have anti-biotics then but the point I’m making is that homoeopathic remedy does work even if it involves bugs. If anyone still claim placebo then it would really be a sad reflection on the quality of thinking of our doctors.

It was also instructive to note that when the homoeopathic hospitals wanted to include the statistics into the registry as was required by law during the outbreak the allopathic doctors refused to accept it, because it was not conventional medicine. When there was an uproar the data were collected and examined by allopathic doctors and later included into the registry.

One of the allopathic doctors who went round collecting the data were truly amazed at the result – not of the data – but of the CURE and rate of cure of actual patients he saw and audited. I have misplaced his quote…but if I find it again and if relevant I will post it.

Has allopathic medicine improved the odds in recent history ? Would really like to know if anyone has the data.

A good example of how allopathic medicine has failed society is the rate in which we suffer cancer, heart diseases and kidney failure these days. In 1900 the death from cancer was 1 in 8000. Now it is 1 in 3. It is well known in TCM and ayurveda that if you have pain in your joins it will lead to pain in the kidney and then to pain in the heart. And all these came from poor digestion. What does allopathic medicine at each of the manifestation of disease ? They kill the pain and as a result devitalises the person even more and set the stage for the next level of disease within the body. How can anyone in his right mind consider this as cure….but allopaths don’t talk of cure but palliation. Cut off the tonsils if it is giving problem…but you protest how about my immune system…not a problem we bave antibiotics. What kind of reasoning is this and what kind of healing model is this if all it does is to hammer down the symptoms. Look at the way in which kidney dialysis are being promoted and you will have an idea that allopaths basically have no idea what is happening. But cure , yes cure while it may seem empirical and not double blinded have been seen in numerous cases in tcm, ayurveda and homoeopathy very often after allopaths had packed up their bags.

The progression of diseases in these traditional cure is well known. A good physician in this field could tell you where your next sickness will come from…I’m not speaking out of school but actually had first-had experience when I was in india and visited an ayurvedic doctor and my view of allopaths from then on was forever transformed.

Some possible sites and books for expanding a bit of our understanding :
c. “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” by Dr.Robert Mendelsohn, MD. From one of your own respected profession.
d. A mix-bag of energy medicine-
f. This is very technical and very good
If you have problem understanding the science you can email me. My background is in physics.

If we examine all these traditional healing art with a critical mind we must also use the same level of critical and skeptical mindset to examine allopathic medicine. I can assure you that if you put both of them side by side, allopaths look ugly indeed. And these had prompted Dr.Mahendralal Sirkar, the vice-president of the British Medical Association (Bengal Branch) to change his mind. He had denounced homoeopathy as quackery and yet he saw how easily Babu Rajendral Dutta, a lay practitioner without any high sounding titles were able to cure many diseases. He started looking into the homoeopathy and decided one day to give up his lucrative allopatic practice. The BMA imposed a boycott on him and in his reply he said, “Truth must be told, and truth must be acted upon.”

He became a towering giant of homoeopathy in India.

Hope this simple write up will help, if not all, at least a few to see beyond the narrow and harmful confine of allopathic medicine.

Freedom according to St.Francis Assisi

Let me not be tied to property or praise, and i shall be free,

Free from the nagging ache of envy,
Free from the hints of resentment,
Free to love and forgive all,
Free to do and say what is right, regardless of unpopularity,
Free to wander everywhere as inspiration guides me.


To be truly free one should not be tied to anything

       – including our own body, concepts and all that springs from a false self.