Monthly Archives: March 2010

The forbidden fruit

In the bible God had commanded Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge. If they eat of the fruit they will know good and bad and will lose their everlasting life. Interestingly knowledge and knowing good and bad introduced imperfection or sin into mankind.

One would have thought that if we know what is good and bad that would be a good thing. Intellectually we would have thought that the God of the bible is really a dumb God. When we lack discernment and wisdom we would form such conclusion but in truth we are the one who is dumb.

The intellect, by its very nature, can never be complete. Our over reliance on it and the certainty and comfort it provided us made intellect a new object of worship. Rationality and objectivism are elevated to the status of sacrosanct. In our cleverness we will always miss the truth and justice will never flow but trickle like dew drops deep within the forest on a cold morning.  Godel incompleteness theorem ensure us that we will always miss if intellect is our primary and sole instrument of perceiving the world. 

Eastern spiritual tradition had always been suspicious of the intellect. Spiritual progress and the attendant wisdom is in proportion to how much we could abandon our intellect. 

How does insights and truths arose within our consciousness ?  After much fighting and warring in  Israel God commanded, through Isaiah, the israelites a simple formula for coming home to God and godliness ; "be still and know that I am God."

Stillness create the space in our hearts for our innate nature , or God’s spirit as a friend put it once, to "speak" to us.

Do not worry it won’t be a "voice in your head" but deep clarity and understanding which is beyond words.