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Questioning the HIV-AIDS hypothesis: 30 years of dissent

The Patricia Goodson article examining 30 years of dissent from HIV=AID$ is finally indexed by PubMed, after 5 mths. Many of the data we had taken for granted is now being critically examined.

Dharma Prison

This was posted in the IBS Prison Program facebook page. I do not know who actually posted it but what I noticed was the kind of beautiful mental prison that we are all so inclined to build. My reply is at the bottom .


IBS Prison Program 菩薩寺監獄佈教

The Dharma is virtuous and nirvana is inexplicable.
Wisdom and the Buddha-nature are wish-fulfilling treasures.

====== My Reply ================
If Dharma is virtuous the boat will never be abandoned.
Neither virtuous nor non-virtuous it permeates all of life.

Nirvana has no words, need no words, why bother ?

Wisdom and Buddha-nature are wishful thinking.
Stop thinking about jewels and there it is !!!