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The Truth About Vaccines: Facts To Know Before Innoculating Your Child

Written and researched by Marcella Piper-Terry


Vaccine-injury (aka “autism”) is not an either-or issue. Genetics are part of it but so is the environment. One study found that 98% of children with autism who were tested for the MTHFR mutation had at least one form of the variant (

That means they are genetically predisposed to higher vulnerability and serious damage from toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals and some medications. They react differently to vaccines because of their genetic makeup.

There is no single medication in the world that is safe for 100% of the population. The same is certainly true for vaccinations, yet we are supposed to believe vaccines are safe for 100% of our children and they are all vaccinated according to the same schedule (

Infants receive up to 9 vaccines at the same time at their well-baby checks, and they can receive up to 1,200 micrograms of aluminum all at once. This has never been studied for safety OR efficacy. The FDA limits the amount of aluminum in parenteral solutions to 4-5 mcg per kg of body weight per 24 hour period (

That means a 10 pound infant should be able to handle about 30 mcg of Aluminum over 24 hours.

Aluminum is neuro-immune toxic ( There are studies of aluminum in vaccines causing autoimmune disease in adults. It’s been linked to Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, lupus and others. Look up ASIA: Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (

Those who say vaccines don’t cause autism are wrong.

Vaccines do cause autism and a lot of other problems in genetically susceptible children.

Those who say unvaccinated children are causing the outbreaks of disease are also wrong. “Outbreaks” of measles, mumps, and whooping cough? That’s been going on forever and it’s because the vaccines don’t work.

There is a significant failure rate for the measles vaccine. It’s also a live virus vaccine and those who receive it can spread the illness to others for up to 28 days post vaccination. (,

Mumps vaccine has never worked well and Merck is being sued in Federal Court for fraud because they manipulated the data from clinical trials and lied about the efficacy in order to have a monopoly on the market (

The pertussis vaccines are responsible for the increase in whooping cough because over-vaccination has resulted in a shift in the strain that is causing the outbreaks; just as overuse of antibiotics has led to resistant strains of bacteria and superbugs ( The strain in the vaccine is Bordatella pertussis. Many of the outbreaks now are due to bordatella parapertussis (

The vaccine does nothing to protect against bordatellla parapertussis and actually increases the colonization of b. Parapertussis in the lungs of recipients by 40-fold (

The vaccines are causing the outbreaks.

Next time you hear about outbreaks of “vaccine preventable” disease, ask yourself why they aren’t mentioning whether or not those who got sick were vaccinated. Also note that they never say anything about whether the strain of measles was wild measles or vaccine-strain or whether the pertussis was B. Pertussis or B. Parapertussis.

When deciding whether or not vaccines are right for your children, do not be guilted into vaccinating out of some displaced sense of obligation or responsibility to protect “the herd.”

Vaccine-induced “herd immunity” does not exist. The central theme of the myth of herd immunity is that 90-95% of the population has to be vaccinated in order to prevent resurgence of disease.

Look at the childhood schedule. 49-51 vaccines from birth to kindergarten. I don’t know of ANY adults who are up-to-date on those vaccines and I would bet you don’t either. Yet we don’t have huge outbreaks of those diseases. We have never had anything close to 90% coverage in the general population. We can’t lose “herd immunity” because we’ve never had it.

Make decisions for your children based on what is best for them. Consider family medical history. If you have autoimmune disease in your family, that’s a clue that your child may be at increased risk of adverse reactions to vaccines. You need to know that if your child has an adverse reaction, you are on your own. There is no legal recourse against the vaccine manufacturers and winning a settlement in vaccine court is extremely difficult and rare.

Don’t be rushed. Take your time.

Educate before you vaccinate.

(Note: MTHFR is not the only genetic SNP that is important; I believe it is essential to test for other SNPs affecting the methylation and transulfation pathways, and just testing for MTHFR can give a false sense of security if negative. It can also fail to identify other glitches that are very important to detoxification.)

Marcella Piper-Terry is an independent researcher and mother of a vaccine-injured child. Marcella has a master of science (M.S.) and has been researching and writing about vaccines for several years. She founded in 2011, to help educate and empower parents to make informed decisions regarding vaccination.