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Expanding One’s Consciousness ; A Misguided Approach to Spiritual Advancement

The recommendation :


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We have 6 consciousness, according to theravadin teaching. 8 consciousness in mahayana teaching.

Each of the consciousness is associated with each of our 6 senses. Our consciousness + sense contact give rise to sense object.

Expanding this consciousness is often a bad idea.We overstimulate our sense of self. Expanding these consciousness would be same as expanding our self/ego.

Buddha in the theravadin sutra spoke of another consciousness. This consciousness is NOT ASSOCIATED with anything physical.This is the consciousness without bound (viññāṇa anidassana) . This consciousness is already without bound and you can’t expand it. The reason we have not experienced these hightened state of consciousness is because we are mired by our 6 sense consciousness. These 6 sense consciousness are like a prison cell. If we could drop them the unbounded consciousness will naturally and spontaneously arose. This can only be done through meditation.