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Tao of Being – Undoing Answers

Being unborn, it does not die. Without shape it does not pass away. Have a beginning and an end arises. Give an idea from and therein lies its undoing.

Do not bind thinking with form or understanding with self. Do not bind self with thoughts. Do not confine questions with answers. By staying behind, remain ahead. In  uncertainty, be secure. Without self, be realised.

Here is the dilemma. All doing is undoing. Every thought is incomplete, every truth untrue. Speak it and it is wrong. Silence is not enough. The name is not the thing. The thought is not the understanding.

Teaching eases the burden of ignorance with the illusion of understanding. The blind students follow the blind teacher, listening to the wisdom of the cane’s tapping.

By undoing answers, undo questions. When there are no longer answers, the teacher can be honest with those who follow.


We die so that we could live. All that arises will fall. That which fell will arise. The cycle of life and death follow each other throughout eternity. 

Life and death linked in a dance of the cosmo.

Water nourishes wood and yet it destroys fire. Wood nourishes fire and yet destroy earth. Fire give birth to earth and yet destroys metal. Earth supports metal and yet consume water.

Every giving is taking. Give support to a child to prevent him from falling and we take away his ability to walk.  Give money to a beggar and we take away his dignity. 

Teach a child and he will never learn. 

When a teacher has no answers the student will find the Way. 

A teacher with all the answers will have students who will always be lost.

Give without giving and nothing will be given and nothing will be taken and all will be well.


Tao of Being – Woman Wisdom

The mystery in the valley is subtle, endless. It is the Way of the Great Mother.

Learning is entering the valley gateway and being overcome by the mystery of everything. The gateway can be shown but the path must be found alone.

Seek until overcome by the woman wisdom of everything. It holds and nourishes. Trust it. It will not fail.

Learning is seeking and being overcome. Wisdom is yielding and being found. No one can explain how being found happens.



The Way has great intelligence and yet has no intelligent being. 

There is deep learning and yet nothing is learned.  That which is learned is not of great intelligence. Great intelligence flows on deep forgetting.  The valley of forgetfullnes is the gateway and the Great Mother will show the way.

The Great Mother is also a Great destroyer. Like a female praying mantis that consumes her mate on creation – the mystery pervades all creation and destruction.

“Seek and it will be found”  only when one surrenders. That’s the mystery of the Great Mother.


Tao of Being – Deep Think

The forces of the universe are ruthless. They treat everything impartially. The sage is ruthless, treating everyone impartially.


Wanting and dreaming obscures the way things are. Decide to struggle against the universe or decide to move with it.


Between everything is a space that changes shape but not form. It is an emptiness that charges everything with an inexhaustable breathing. The more it breathes, the more things happen.


Try to explain it and just becomes more confusing. But beyond words, deep within, something understands the breathing emptiness.

As effortlessly as deep breathing… deep think.


  The universe is neither ruthless nor not-ruthless. It is amoral. A sage do not distinguish between what is good and what is bad. What is good now can become bad very quickly. What is bad can be the condition and environment for good to emerge. A sage makes no judgement nor wish for an outcome.  A sage is like a cloud – moving through life without leaving a trace.

    Emptiness imbued all of life and nature. The motivating force of life emerged according to need. The more the qi, the life force, flows the more life there is.  All will return to naught and insights emerge.




Tao of Being – Inner Peace and Outer Harmony

When those with talent are exalted, rivalry follows. When there are valuables, there will be thieves. With temptations, hearts are uneasy. Fill everyone with desire and there will be trouble.

Thus the sage inspires but everyone is at ease. Thoughts and ambitions are turned inward for growth, not outward for conflict. Minds are opened. Character is strengthened. Self-reliance is discovered. In this way, knowledge and desire do not interfere with others. Inner strength replaces outer show.

Competition and co-operation are opposites, each created by the other. From the first comes dissension, from the second comes dependence. The sage encourages neither. 

Between opposites of everything is an inner virtuous power. It occurs when nothing extraordinary happens : when people are not devious, when the intelligent are not cunning, when the unfortunate are not neglected. There is inner peace and outer harmony.

When there is inner peace, the common is profound. When there is outer harmony, everything seems ordinary.


  Inner peace is not the absence of activity nor conflict.  It is the absence of desire and aversion. Inner peace is like a valley where all of life flows to and from. Real living is only possible with inner peace – everything else is an illusion , a self-deception. 

  Inner peace do not impede the natural forces from operating. It flows through us and in us so that the natural order of things could be established. Do not hold on to anything or anyone too forcefully. Gently let it go. 

Outer harmony is established when we each know our place within the natural order of things. 

Does this mean a beggar should accept his place in society and not try to change ? 

Tao of Being – Avoiding Extremes

Whenever there is beauty, there is ugliness to define beauty. Whenever there is good, there is evil to define good. From the instant a winner is declared, a loser is created. Low arises from the high, work from play, difficult from easy, uncertainty from confidence, not enough from too much.

Trapped by mutual arising, all our thinking and doing is caught within one or another. If there is need then there will be neglect. Success will bring failure. Ignorance will follow knowledge.

There is path between one and other that is found by moving with the Tao. Go softly and patiently. When there is resistance there has been pushing and that is not the Way. Be moved in the direction of mystery. Yield and learn until there is an easing between. Do too much and there will be trouble; think too much and there will be confusion. Let the natural order arise of itself.

Therefore, the sage attends equally to doing and not-doing, to thinking and not-thinking. When there is silent filling and emptying, everythin arises and subsides in its harmonious way and the natural unfolding is not disturbed. Though nothing is given, nothing is denied. There is nurturing but not forcing, balancing but not dividing. Work is done but no credit is taken. When a task is finished, it is forgotten. Not-doing receives as much care as doing. Emptiness fills with thoughts.


   Both river and stone are not-doing and yet in its not-doing it has done.  Thoughts made everything a struggle. When thoughts are nought, there is no doer and nothing is done and yet everything is done.  

Everything is as it is.

The sun shines,
The dog barks
and a river flows.

Tao of Being – First Knowing

First knowing, like deepest knowing, cannot be thought. The sounds and markings of words only point. All the turnings of thought cannot follow to the beginning of the beginning. It is dark chaos, the undivided nameless. First knowing is lost in the darkness of first beginning. It was before thinking, before distingtions.

The beginning is called the Great Mother, the first named and the first formed. The Great Mother is everything and everything is the Great Mother. Her nature is called the Tao but any name would do.

The Tao is beyond words and cannot be thought.Study and learn and think. Fill with everything. Then let go of everything. Learn and then unlearn to discern the Tao. Seek even thought it is ever hidden.

Know the outer forms eventhough they are ever manifest. They are given the different names of knowable and unknowable but they arise from the one source and are the same. 

The beginning is darkness, The beginning of the beginning is darkness within darkness. Find things and thoughts in light; find the beginning of things and thoughts in darkness. Begin with the light but move toward darkness. All knowing begins in the mystery in darkness.

 The Tao cannot be divided and the search for the Great Mother is to look for "darkness within darkness." Tao is everywhere. Knowing the form is not knowing the Tao. Knowing the form distracts us from the first knowing.  First knowing is not knowing. Once the mouth is opened the first knowing is lost. 

"The day that you ate from the fruit of knowledge is the day that you will know" said the serpent. But death and imperfections gained entry. 

Be still and "know".